Nutrition Policy

The Tree of Life Food Pantry is committed to providing nutritious food. Good nutrition is a key
component in maintaining health and preventing chronic disease. There is strong evidence that
people who are affected by food insecurity are at the highest risk for obesity, diabetes, heart
disease and other diet related illnesses. We believe every family should have access to fresh,
healthy foods.
Nutrition Policy
The Tree of Life Food Pantry encourages the distribution of:

  1. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. A variety of protein foods including eggs and dairy products.
  3. A variety of grains and minimally refined grain products.
  4. Low sugar and low sodium canned goods.
  5. Basic staples to support baking and meal preparation.

The Tree of Life Food Pantry will limit distribution of foods that are:

  1. Highly refined and processed.
  2. Contain a lot of solid fats and/or trans fats.
  3. Contain a lot of added sugar or salt.

The Tree of Life Food Pantry will attempt to broaden nutritional awareness and food choices by:

  1. Offering tasting samples
  2. Providing recipes using ingredients available in the pantry
  3. Offering nutrition information and resources.

(Adopted 9/21/2016)

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