A hearty soup that uses whatever you have on hand and makes it delicious.

1 med. potato , chopped
2 cups cooked chickpeas
1 med. onion , chopped small
2 carrots, chopped
4 tbsp. oil
1 sm. can tomato sauce
1 cup macaroni or broken spaghetti
2 cups cooked kidney beans
1 can peas (or 2 cups frozen)
Pinch of dry oregano
Dash of black pepper

In large pot, fry the onion, potato and carrots in oil. Then add in tomato sauce and spices along with 6 cups water. Put a lid on the pot. When it boils, lower the heat and  simmer 15 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients. Leave on simmer and let cook 1/2 hour more. Add salt and pepper to taste.

— recipe developed by Nancy McMillan