On this gloriously, beautiful October day, here are the statistics:

2019 (2018)
Households 224 ( 236)
Adults 297 (364)
Seniors 118 (106)
Children 179 (235)
Individuals 594 (708)
New 8 (8)

The only numbers increasing from last year’s figures are the seniors.
Interesting. Will this be a trend as Fall leads into Winter? Where’s the
cystal ball when we need it?

This is the time of year when proceeds from the TurnStyle start to diminish.
As the leaves float earthward, creating a lovely ground cover, our small
business enterprise suffers the financial ramifications of decreasing
numbers of customers. If history is (hopefully) any indicator, donations
increase as we head into November and December when we cannot depend on
TurnStyle revenues to fully pay our expenses. I’m still hunting for the
crystal ball!

’til next week,

PS The statistics report will now be featured regularly on our website: