Preparations started in September or even before for pantry food. Rick
starts early finding whatever shelf-stable foods might fill the bill when
Thanksgiving and December holidays roll around. As appropriate foods are
available from Good Shepherd, at an exceptionally good price, Rick places
orders. This year Good Shepherd provided canned pumpkin, pie crust,
walnuts, and instant potatoes.

From that first preparatory order until the end of October, cases of food
are delivered weekly and saved until most of the hearty foods on his wish
list are filled. As October comes to an end, Rick takes stock of whatever
has been received then rounds out the list with additional wholesale orders.
Of course, all of this happens as regular weekly supplies of food are
ordered and delivered.

Here’s a list of the “the extras”:
Evaporated milk
Cranberry sauce

And now, what you’ve been waiting for, the statistics:

2019 (2018)
Households 216 ( 261)
Adults 294 (362)
Seniors 119 (115
Children 173 (235)
Individuals 586 (712)
New 8 (3)

Next time, recipes from Betsy!

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