Wintry weather kept many people home today: both the TurnStyle and the
Pantry saw comparatively little activity today.

2020 (2019)

Households 138 214
Adults 185 317
Senior 69 95
Children 147 124
Individuals 401 536
New 0 11

Broccoli, among other things, was plentiful and popular today.
A quick survey of pantry volunteers’ favorite ways to eat the cruciferous
vegetable follows:
Judi H. – steamed with garlic and hot pepper
Ray M. – in wonton soup
Deb S. – cream of broccoli soup, stir fry with cheese sauce
Tyler – steamed broccoli, broccoli cheddar soup and broccoli bites (fried)
Laurri R. – broccoli, onions and cheese on a baked potato
Deb C. – steamed broccoli, blanched broccoli served with dip
This group could write a broccoli cookbook!

’til next week,