The past week has been one of meetings, discussions, planning and training as temporary changes are implemented to continue safe distribution of food to those in need.  In keeping with the precautionary measures adopted nation-wide and considering the vulnerability of the population we serve, food will be distributed “curb-side” as drivers maneuver a circuit around the parking lot and stop at the ramp where volunteers will bring pre-boxed food to waiting cars.

Each box contains shelf-stable food as well as fresh milk, eggs, bread and mixed produce (vegetables and fruit). As always, no-one will be denied food at our pantry.  Good Shepherd, our major supplier, has assured us of continued Wednesday food deliveries for restocking our shelves.

The assessment from the pantry as of 3 PM today: “The new procedure operated smoothly with many a heart felt  ‘thank you’ and words of appreciation for being open.”

Here are the statistics for today compared to last year:
                                        2020                2019
Households                      184                  237
Adults                               257                  104
Seniors                              93                  330
Children                           137                  160
Individuals                       487                  594
New                                    4                       5
’til next week,