Perhaps the rainy day kept the numbers steady . . . perhaps a bit (or a bit+) of fear with the restrictions deadline arriving at midnight.
Judi H. shared two of her concerns:
  • Loss of pantry volunteers for fear of exposure, especially since people have tested positive in Hancock County
  • Although we have enough food for distribution for next week, we are counting on a Good Shepherd delivery of pre-packed boxes for next week’s staples
Volunteers pack about 100 boxes on Wednesday in preparation for Thursday. The balance are packed as pantry users deplete Wednesday’s work.  Two solid days of hard work with fewer workers on which to depend.
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Here are today’s figures compared to the same period last year:
                           2020               2019
Households          151                204
Adults                   173                282
Seniors                   88                119
Children                144                124
Individuals             405               525
New                        13                 10
Note the number of children depending on pantry food – the numbers are up from last year.
We send well wishes to all of you.  Take care!
’til next week,