First, a report from our president, Richard Washburn:

The pantry volunteers have been doing a great job keeping all aspects moving along smoothly. Especially thanks to Judy Hilliker and Deb Case for organizing and running the operation. With Will Simon keeping the traffic and delivery to cars running smoothly. And all the others who pack boxes, stock shelves, get boxes. direct traffic, unload the truck, and all the other jobs that keep the pantry supporting the community.

We have had about 200 families most weeks. Some weeks are less due to weather I think. We received our pre-packed boxes from Good Shepard: volunteers repacked them and added eggs, milk, meat, potatoes, fruit, and produce. We are asking to receive case lot instead of pre-packed in the future.

The back pack program continues with some alterations. We are still supplying food to the Blue Hill Consolidated School. The Pantry has received some very nice donations of cash. That helps us keep going after losing the income from the Turn-Style.

We can only hope and pray that life returns to a more normal routine soon.

Thank you for all you do.

Statistics from Thursday, 4/16/2020 compared with 4/18/2019

                                 2020                        2019
Households              173                          212
Adults                       226                          290
Seniors                        97                         102
Children                    138                           95
Total served              461                         487
New                            14                           14

’til next time,