Frozen Pork Egg Rolls were a big hit today – an easily prepared, oriental treat!

Little Free Pantries is a grassroots movement of food sharing in local neighborhoods that was inspired by the little free library movement that started in Arkansas in 2016.

The August 2020 Institute for Justice’s Liberty and Law publication included a story about a woman and her husband who wanted to help neighbors suffering from food insecurity. Their efforts eventually led to her partnering with the Institute for Justice and a lawsuit against the county where she lives – all to allow her to provide free food for neighbors without burdensome demands local regulators were making.

The full story, follow this link:

Here are the comparative statistics:

August 6, 2020 August 8, 2019

Households 105 201

Adults 140 290

Seniors 66 98

Children 39 104

Individuals 245 492

New 11 3

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