Eggs have been plentiful: they are also versatile. Here’s a recipe from my neighbor Lucy that is as simple as can be.

Pickled Eggs
Hard boiled, peeled eggs
white distilled vinegar

After the eggs are cooked and peeled, poke each with a toothpick numerous times deep enough to penetrate the yolk.

Place the eggs in a glass jar and fill 3/4 full with vinegar. Top the jar off with water to cover the eggs (stir a little to mix the water and vinegar) then cover securely with plastic wrap and a lid.

The plastic wrap keeps the lid from rusting.

Let sit for 4 days at room temperature then taste. They can sit a bit longer if you want more of a tang.


Last Thursday’s statistics follow:

Households   140
Adults            185
Seniors           80
Children          95
Served           360
New                 7

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